Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sunset, hawks, cotton and grasses

Fiona and I did another of our quick round trips to Goondiwindi and back to collect some art pieces. The evening we arrived we saw the brilliant sunset below - such a mix of colours.

©2013 Barry Smith - Sunset - Goondiwindi
In the sky above the show grounds hawks circled - we did not know why.

©2013 Barry Smith - Kite Hawks
On the way home we paused to check out some of the large bales of cotton in the huge fields. Old huge rectangular bales and the modern smaller round bales.

And the fields themselves after harvest have their own beauty.

Layers of grass on the roadside and field fringes.

©2013 Barry Smith - Layers of roadside grass

We got to look at quite a lot of fields as there were 10 stops for road works along about a 40klm section of road that had been impacted by floods earlier in the year.


  1. Great photos, Great cotton fields, very beautiful! A greeting.

  2. I enjoyed getting slowed down the other day on my drive - an opportunity to look out to the side instead of always forward. Strange cotton monoliths!

  3. You should dash out a painting or two in your spare time Barry...lots of inspiration in those photos. I can see a rival to Monet's haystacks in them.

  4. wow. i look at all that waste and want to grab it to make paper...

  5. A lovely reminder of days living in the country near cotton fields, Barry. Well, I loved the look but I never enjoyed all the spraying we had to live through. But those wide open spaces are wonderful, aren't they?

  6. L, VA, JM, V & C - glad you enjoyed our pauses along the way. L - thanks for comment regarding the photos - taken with the iPhone - so not great quality. JM - once was a landscape painter but lost the knack. V - I totally agree - there was so much that could have been gleaned - and Fiona and I talked about paper making but it would need someone with your skills. C - yea the sprays would be a concern - but the wide open spaces are pretty amazing. Go well. B


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