Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Small bowls in Japan

Before leaving home I made a series of small bowls to give as gifts to folk in Japan.

Well we are now in Tatebayashi and the bowls below are finding owners as we go about our art-cultural exchange; and as folk kindly help with transport, translations, introductions, shopping etc.

©2013 Barry Smith - Small 3 & 4 foldformed bowls - unpolished on the workbench
©2013 Barry Smith - Small 2, 3 & 4 fold foldformed bowls - unpolished
©2013 Barry Smith - Small 3 & 4 fold foldformed bowls - first polish
©2013 Barry Smith - Small 2 fold foldformed bowls - first polish
©2013 Barry Smith - Small 3 & 4 fold foldformed bowls - second polish with brass brush
Great thing about metal is it is so portable- no breakages; looks so precious; and yet all made from recycled metal .


  1. What wonderful gifts! Have a great time in Japan.

  2. You have such lovely ideas, Barry. I'm sure the new owners will be delighted! Enjoy every second of your time in Japan.

  3. J, Cm & R - thanks for your comments. We have just returned home from a whirl wind of a morning at the copper artists studio - amazing experience - so humbling - my efforts are but baby steps but I'm taking creative steps do that is good; & the gifts are welcomed. Onwards we go. Go well. B

  4. precious pieces and a lovely gesture, B.

  5. K- precious pieces from scrap - but each seemed to be welcomed. B


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