Sunday, May 5, 2013

A little cutting and forming

Most of the weekend has been given over to serious pruning on the block; and then travelling to Goondiwindi to pick up my sculptural piece.

But I did make a start on cutting blank EPNS disks for Daily Word and Offering bowls; and blank EPNS rectangles for Peace Leaves.

©2013 Barry Smith - Cutting EPNS disks for bowls
©2013 Barry Smith - Annealed EPNS strips for Peace Leaves
As part of the metal harvesting process I had a number of EPNS goblet bases etc begging to be hammered. I particularly wanted to see what sort of bowl could be created from the goblet bases. Photos below show the base before and after: 3 annealings and 3 hammerings.

©2013 Barry Smith - Inverted goblet base - annealed
©2013 Barry Smith - Inverted goblet base - annealed and hammered
And on the annealing bed are 3 bases; a sugar bowl lid; and the bottom sections of two goblets - all being annealed and hammered together.

©2013 Barry Smith - A bunch of small pod bowls in early stages of raising
All steady progress towards creating stock; testing metal and shapes; and maybe creating a few bits that will go into the peace and stillness exhibition.


  1. As a non-metal worker I'm curious - did it help (at all or much) in the process to have the goblet bases already shaped somewhat like a bowl?

  2. More process photos! I just love seeing what you do, and it really looks like magic the way things change and evolve. And the sheen on the bowls is just beautiful!

  3. J & C - thanks for checking the progress out. J - funny about the bases - I had tossed a number of them aside because they were too small to cut up - but you are right - as my eye saw them whilst hammering a bowl - I thought - well the forming of the base has done part of the job - so let us see where it goes - it is about seeing shapes, connections and steps in the raising process. C - hammering certainly can give the metal sheen - not shiny but a lovely soft sheen. Go well. B


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