Sunday, July 21, 2013

A bounty of bowls

In preparation for Fiona and my Paths to Peace and Stillness exhibition in August-September some things are being created in multiples.

Over the last little while this has included making bowls of various sizes for various purposes.

Three leaf foldformed bowls for incense burners.

©2013 Barry Smith - Three leaf incense burners (brass and brass over copper)
©2013 Barry Smith - Three leaf incense burner with incense holder made from siler-plate goblet stem
Small punched bowls that will go on the personal shrines.

©2013 Barry Smith - Small punched bowls (6-7cm) (formerly silver-plated drink coasters) on brass ring stand
And larger bowls that will hold Fiona's porcelain peace and stillness scrolls.

©2013 Barry Smith - Silver-plated bowls (about 13cm diameter) - formerly plate coaters
The collection is growing......


  1. They say ideas breed ideas. You are always coming up with new ones Barry. The incense burners have turned out so well.

    1. R - thanks - I think the incense burners have a little of the temple look about them. B

  2. Peace in multiple is a very good thing!!

    1. VA - can't have too many multiples of peace can we? B

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    Just like the one sitting on my Buddha's altar :)


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