Friday, July 12, 2013

Calling for donations of Peace Leaves

In our busy world and lives it is not always easy to stop and be conscious of peace in our daily lives and the global village.  International Day of Peace  (IDoP) on 21 September tends to focus our minds a bit - at least for a day a year.

©2013 Barry Smith - The first 7 anodised aluminium Peace Leaves
As part of the recognition of IDoP 2013 I plan to construct a Peace Tree that will be on display for about a week or more at the front of our block (which is on a tourist scenic drive) so that it might attract a bit of interest; and in addition to the Flags for Peace it might create a little more peace consciousness.

The plan is that I will make a wire tree form about 2-3m high similar to the smaller one (1.6m high) in the photo below; and I will adorn it with up to  1000 peace leaves in autumn colours.

©2013 Barry Smith - Wire (12 gauge) tree form
Why autumn colours? Because the reds, organise, yellows, golds, silver etc stand out against the green background; and because autumn is before spring - just as consciousness of peace comes before peace ways of acting and living. Why 1000 leaves? It just reminds me of the the story of Sadako Sasaki and her 1000 peace cranes; and because it will take effort.

I intend to create as many anodised aluminium leaves as I can between now and 13 September. Each leaf will be stamped with the word peace (as in the photos below); or some small peace saying or wish.

©2013 Barry Smith - The first 7 anodised aluminium Peace Leaves

©2013 Barry Smith - The first 7 anodised aluminium Peace Leaves
©2013 Barry Smith - Five anodised aluminium Peace Leaves
But I know I will need a bit of help to create 1000 peace leaves. So if you want to donate a leaf or more to the peace spirit of the tree you could send me a leaf or two or more to PO Box 102 Maleny Queensland Australia 4552. The leaf would need to arrive by 13 Sept as I will attached the leaves from 14 September onwards.

The leaves can be in any medium (card board, stiff fabric, metal ceramic). I would request that the leaves be: in autumn colours;  4-6 inches (10cm-15cm) long; with the word peace or a peace wish incorporated into the leaf; and if possible a hole in the top end stringing and attaching to the tree branches in a similar fashion to the small Christmas tree (below) I did last year.

©2013 Barry Smith - Peace Crane and brass and copper leavess
©2013 Barry Smith - Brass and copper leaves attached to tree form
So if you want to donate a leaf or more than one (even heaps) there is about 6 weeks to create and send. The leaves will be exposed to the elements for a week or more leading up to International Day of Peace and beyond. I have used the term donate deliberately as I can't see my way to returning the leaf forms after the installation. I will blog etc on the tree and give recognition to those who donate a leaf for peace.



  1. Great idea, Barry... I will do my best to do something!!

  2. Lovely gesture B, I'll have to find some autumn coloured bits and make a couple.... K

    ps.. forgot to give you the bag of goddies today!

  3. I love the idea and will try to donate as many as I can. Lack of time is a great enemy of Peace for me but I'll do my best. I can't wait to see the tree with its full foliage on.

  4. thank you mister B for inspiring the act and presence and spirit of peace.
    i find this to be a wonderful idea. thank you.

  5. VA, K, E & TL - hi guys - thanks for your endorsement and hopefully to a few leaves. Feel free to pass this on to other folk - the more the better for peace. I will continue to chop up saucepan lids. All go well. Peace. B

  6. Really magical rainbow! Exquisite colors! I really like anodised aluminum The first seven Peace Leave


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