Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nature continues the work on the book wall

In late March I started the process of building The Book Wall (The Wall). In late April it was all but completed but had to pause because I had temporarily run out of books. The Wall is about 12m long and .7m high. The wall contains about 700-750 books - many are quite thick hardbacks.

Well within a week of doing that post I got another stash of books and so completed the wall in early May. So the wall has been in place for about 3 months now. After Fiona's dad had added some orchids; and we have had quite a bit of rain; and I backfilled the wall with Cyprus Pine chips (looks good and keeps termites away) - the wall is now looking established and 'lived in'.

So a good time to share some photos on the change process.

©2013 Barry Smith - New orchid growth in the wall - love the link to title of the blue book spine
©2013 Barry Smith - The Wall from the over-bridge end of the wall
©2013 Barry Smith - The Wall from the Peace post end
©2013 Barry Smith - The warp and weave of pages
©2013 Barry Smith - Breaking down - may become a spot for another orchid?
©2013 Barry Smith - Beautiful mould and tinges of colour
©2013 Barry Smith - One of the washers on the top-plate of the wall
©2013 Barry Smith - More of the warp and weave of pages
©2013 Barry Smith - The wave of The Wall
I expect that mould, moss, fungi and orchids will gradually change the structure and look of the wall - but I see that as nature adding to the beauty of this structure as the clear look of the books is replaced by the mystery of integration of the plant life and books - living books.


  1. Disintergrating well, love the warping and mould colours, and adding the orchids will add lots of interest.
    Wish I could see it.


    This conveys my sentiments when I viewed your book wall.

    Thank you for the memories.

  3. So great to see how weather is working with it. However, with my major mold allergy, I think I would not be able to walk to close to it!

  4. Love this....recycling and gardening at the same time.....please show us photos when it is overgrown.


  5. This is one gorgeous wall! Alive indeed.

  6. oh my ... the books that were once trees, have come home ...

  7. P, KE, VA, JM, MGS, E, & LT - what have I been doing with my time - I can't believe I did not get to acknowledge your comments and support. P - hope to see you up this way again soon. KE - thanks for sharing. VA - I agree re the mold - need to be careful. JM - thanks. MGS - that is what I like about the wall it brings quite a few things together for me. E - wish you could experience it first hand. LT - true - and they will slowly return to the earth from whence they came. All go well. B

  8. Namaste.

    I have been coming to look at your blog off and on and turned it onto a friend as well. I enjoy what you do so much. I love how the wall is making itself at home. It is as if the organisms that were stripped away from the books with chemicals etc are returning to give their respects to an old friend and see where the journey had taken them thus far. The many words upon the pages inhaled back into the earth as the tears of moisture wash them away. I wish I could get away with doing something like that here.

    Thank you for all that you share. I feel much joy when I visit your blog.
    Moonbeams and laughter!


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