Friday, July 26, 2013

Again the moon

We have been having some weird weather over here lately. A cold front came though creating clear night skies just in time for the full moon. It was quite cold when we took the rubbish bin to the top of the drive on Tuesday evening; and Fiona said that "the moon looks brilliant but I'm not staying out here in the freezing cold to photograph it". Several minutes later and an additional layer or two I was out there - alone.

As you can see from the sequence of photos, I have taken: moonrise (Tuesday evening); early morning (before sunrise - Wednesday morning); after sunrise; and moon setting (in broad daylight).


©2013 Barry Smith - Moonrise through the trees
©2013 Barry Smith - Moonrise through the trees and power line
©2013 Barry Smith - Moonrise through the trees - changing colour
©2013 Barry Smith - Moonrise  - free of the trees
Early morning before sunrise - still dark - but ok to walk given the clear bright moonlight.

©2013 Barry Smith - Morning moon - pale and rotated 
©2013 Barry Smith - Morning moon - pale and rotated - suspended in dark morning sky
Sunrise - when I arrived back fro my walk.

©2013 Barry Smith - Amazing morning light and silver moon
©2013 Barry Smith - Amazing morning light and silver moon suspended in blue-grey sky
©2013 Barry Smith - Morning moon in a blue-grey sky
Moonset - after the porridge ands coffee were sorted.

©2013 Barry Smith - Pale setting moon in broad daylight
Talk about a fading moon. All photos were taken with Canon PowerShot SX50HS. Many were taken with lens set at 200 zoom magnification. Definition and clarity on some photos have been adjusted through the editing process.


  1. most spectacular - we had cloud cover this week, so many thanks to you for sharing these.

  2. I just love your moon photos, Barry! LOVE the first few with the leaf silhouettes, and LOVE the last one.

    Strange weather here, too. We had a major heatwave for a week, over onehundred F for folks down the hill. I was still hot, but not THAT hot. Then, this week, I had wool socks and sweaters on at night a few nights. What a switch! I dare say, it seems like a climate change thing as all over the globe, people seem to be saying how strange their weather is. Blogging has given me intimate awareness of world wide weather!

  3. wow, you take gorgeous moon photos!
    they remind me much of your bowls and shrines.

  4. my goodness B! you really take superb photos of the moon! i'm astonish each time i can the craters!!!!

  5. MJ, VA, TL & LT - as VA says the blogging does give one a greater sense of the globe and the lives of others. MJ - so good to be able to share the clear moon when you guys have cloud cover - same world different skies. TL - the personal shrines I have been making have quite a moon influence this time. LT - I must say I was aided by really cl;ear and cold sky. All - glad we all enjoy this together. Go well. B


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