Sunday, July 7, 2013

Thanks for a good weekend

At the end of the the day it is people who make things good. Fiona and I are a bit weary after two full on days of open studio - but good and happy weary thanks to the beautiful people who shared our studio with us.

We had just over 80 visitors - all adults  - some established friends and fellow artists and some new folk. All these people interested in the details of what we do, how we do it and wanted to see the odd bit of a demonstration. With the number of visitors we could stop and spend time with most people - a few times it got a bit crowded and hectic and so we could not spend as much time with some folk.

So the thanks goes to those who wished us well, promoted the event and those who took the time to visit.

Below are a few photos of the work bench and odds and ends at the end of the day.

©2013 Barry Smith - A few demo bowls andbits
©2013 Barry Smith - The work bench
©2013 Barry Smith - The cutting bench
©2013 Barry Smith - The polishing bench
And a big thanks for the support we were given by people who bought our art works. Now to spend a few moments catching my breath with a single malt over ice to aid recovery.


  1. With peope as interesting and lovely as you of course it was a success.So pleased for you.

  2. I echo Penny's sentiments. Well done Barry!

  3. Sounds like a busy, fun time!!

  4. super day and super images B. I'm especially attracted to that funky copper bowl in the first pic :) and you're dapping tool looks so deliciously huge and worn!!
    All in all, when people love your work and interested in what you do ... it's all worth it :)

  5. Glad it was such a success Barry...perhaps twice a year?

  6. P, R, VA, LT, JM & LAM - as I said in my respond to comments on the earlier post - obviously good wishes work - so thanks yo all of you. P & R - thanks for you kind words regarding F and I. VA - it is always fun when you are sharing with folk who are actually interested in one's creative craziness. LT - that bowl is very basic and organic but the outcome of right tools - well worn by use. JM - maybe we could be tempted. LAM - thanks. All - go well and create well and may we all continue to share and support each other. B

  7. Obviously a wonderful weekend, congratulations to you both! I loved seeing your various work benches, the dapping tool, and the amazing polishing tools. How could people not be interested and love what you do?


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