Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The moody valley and fungi

Being Wednesday it is not unusual for me to share a few photos of my walk, the valley or on the block.  And in fact in this post  some of each.

The valley has offered some unusual sights: mini rainbows hanging like lights across the valley; cloud pouring off the mountain like steam from a volcano; and sun reflecting off the windows of Brisbane CBD buildings at sunrise.

©2013 Barry Smith - Hanging rainbows
©2013 Barry Smith - Hanging rainbows
©2013 Barry Smith - Lights glinting off Brisbane CBD (see dot on mid right)
©2013 Barry Smith -  Clouds drifting off the mountain
©2013 Barry Smith -  Clouds drifting off the mountain (altered)
And when I walked in near dark a week ago I was rewarded with a brilliant violet early morning light.

©2013 Barry Smith - A violet kind of morning
When I was tidying up around the shed (aka studio-gallery) I noticed quite a number of fungi so I asked Fiona (who had clean hands and the camera) to take a few photos of these wee gems.

©Fiona Dempster - Fungi on book-stack
©Fiona Dempster - Fungi on log by the water tank
©Fiona Dempster - Fungi on log in the wood pile
I can only say nature offers so much; and seems to invite us to share. My photos were taken with the iPhone; whereas Fiona's were taken with the Canon camera.


  1. Hanging rainbows - I like that description - and they are magical!

  2. Funghi are proliferating in this damp weather. Lovely photos as always...both pf you.


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