Friday, July 5, 2013

A peek at the Open Studio set up for this weekend

On Saturday and Sunday (6-7 July) our studio-gallery (601mvr) is open to the public from 10am to 4pm each day - and I think we are ready. Not only do we have things to show and talk to people about; but we have also given the studio-gallery a bit of a tidy and clean - you can see the view through glistening windows.

I thought I would share a few photos of what people might see as they walk down the driveway; around the studio-gallery; and inside.

©2013 Barry Smith - Standing stone and posts at the top of the drive
©2013 - Shards - post trilogy at bottom of the drive
©2013 Barry Smith - Wood and water post near Book Wall an stone garden
©2013 Barry Smith - Work area where I will demonstrate metal work
©2013 Barry Smith - Landscape near sandstone offcuts
©2013 Barry Smith - "Sword blossoms" - a quirky installation with a hint to peace 
©2013 Barry Smith - A shard of rust and wood nestled amidst the Agaves
©2013 Barry Smith - Peace Post
©2013 Ying-Yang rusted leaf forms
©2013 Barry Smith - A triptych of leaves
©2013 Barry Smith - Flow -post
©2013 Barry Smith - A corner - inside 601mvr
©2013 Barry Smith - some of the contents of one of the 6 display cases
©2013 Barry Smith - Anywhere one can hang or display stuff is used in 601mvr

So there you have it - all we need is people to join us. Can't worry about that - off to make pizzas and have a glass of red - all is well.


  1. You live in a beautiful landscape! Good luck with the open studio - unfortunately I can't drop by as I'm halfway round the world from you.


  2. Hello, Barry.

      Your exquisite work leads my impression.
      The passion for the art.  It is universal.

      Thank you visit to my garden.
      The prayer for all peace.

    Have a good weekend. From Japan, friday night  ruma❃

  3. I wish I could be there, I really do! So much to see and ooh and aahh over. Wishing you all the best. As you say everything looks amazing, now all you need are the people. I'm off to have a sip of red myself... cheers.

  4. Oh very neat...and FULL of luvverly stuff. I can barely restrain myself from racing up the mountain to visit, but three times in a week would be too much. Still loving those 'watch' earrings.

  5. Looks so neat and tidy, wish I was stumping around on my sticks (I have graduated from a walker, thank goodness.!) Hope it is a great week end.

  6. Things look fabulous! I wish I could come take part.

  7. I'd be there at 10 sharp if it were possible. Everything looks wonderful, inspiring and inviting. Good luck with the Open Studio, I hope it's a great success.

  8. B ... your home is an artist's utopia! you practically live in an art gallery! it must be super wonderful to wake up to all this beauty and creative energy surrounding you :)

  9. MC, Ruma, R, JM, P, LAM, R & LT - thanks you so much for your support - obviously the good wishes worked as we had a great couple of days. MC - who knows - one day you might be over this way and you would be welcomed. Ruma - it is good that our art can add a little joy and peace to the world. R - friend - you are welcome to come and play any time. JM - yes neat - can't have folk falling over stuff can we - wearable art like the earrings can just keep giving joy - that is good. P - glad you are making progress - would be good to see you fully mobile up this way. LAM - one day you must come this way. E - you made me smile widely - come over and be our artist in residence. LT - you are not so far away - drop in and enjoy. All go well. B

  10. Barry, these are wonderful photos. I'm trekking backwards through your posts so I already know what a successful weekend you and Fiona had. I just wish I'd been there.


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