Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Daily Words off to Italy

Today has been a bit manic - fixing signs, moving sculptures and trimming hedges etc as part of the preparation for our open studios on the weekend.

But amidst this I have made a couple of sets of Daily Words for a friend (partly done yesterday and finished today).  I love it when folk ask for a set of Daily Words (bowl and 7 stamped words) but want to personalise it a little - in this case choose the words and have them in Italian. The Daily Words set will be taken to Italy in the next couple of weeks as a gift.

I'm not sure if this happens to you but  - in the effort of making one set of Daily Words I made two so the friend could have a choice; and because I was making bowls I made a couple of small punched bowls as well since I was cutting up silver-plated EPNS; and because I was stamping Italian words I stamped a few more to be given away in Italy; and because there were small pieces of metal floating on the bench I made a couple of simple forms for earrings - creation just has a mind of its own.

The shallow Daily Words bowls and deeper punched bowls are shown below. Daily Words bowls tend to be about 9-10cm in diameter.

©2013 Barry Smith - Daily Word bowls and punched bowls
©2013 Barry Smith - Daily Word bowls
Italian daily words.

©2013 Barry Smith - Daily Word bowls with Italian daily words
Couple of earring forms (drops) - long rectangular pieces are 7.5cm long.

©2013 Barry Smith - Silver-plasted EPNS earring drops
All part of good creative day.


  1. such a nice gift!
    they look beautiful mister B
    my sister lives in Italia,,,, i wonder if they are for her ;-)

  2. Have a great open week end, wish I could be there. Really love these daily word bowls (and the words), Perhaps one dayI will get one.

  3. TL & P - thanks for you feedback and support for this coming weekend - I think we are pretty organised - few last minute things to do - now we will see if folk visit. Go well. B

  4. Exquisite compositions, I love those designs and shine off the pieces!


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