Friday, July 19, 2013

Sometimes art is hard work

Today I spent a few hours cutting up metal in preparation for creating pages for a commission that Fiona and I will be working on over the next couple of months.

I just love the colours and personal history that can be attached to the pieces of recycled trays. See the makers mark on the 'discoloured' metal of one of the small trays - you can see the maker has over-stamped the beginning of the word Inverell - so much like my stamping sometimes.

©2013 Barry Smith - Light, patina and makers mark
I needed to salvage 24 small pages about 8cmX12cm. You can see I marked up where I was going to cut each of the trays.

©2013 Barry Smith - Marked up ready for the cutter
Cutting resulted in heaps off offcuts on the 'floor'; and the stash of pieces which were then hammered flat on the anvil.
©2013 Barry Smith - Glorious offcuts
©2013 Barry Smith - Cut lengths of EPNS trays
©2013 Barry Smith - Cut edges - rough and ready
Each of the pages needed to be finally cut by hand with the jewellers shears to ensure they were 'neatish' and to size. You can see I have the pieces I need.

©2013 Barry Smith - 24 blank pages
And one can't help but like the scratched and marked piece below.

©2013 Barry Smith - Beautiful age, scratches, colour and mark
So the preparation is done - after all that work I think I might deserve a glass of red?


  1. a glass or two -
    that is hard work and your reworking metal must really be meaningful. as you show us maker's marks from years gone by - i wonder how delighted they would be knowing that you have brought their work to life again in yours.

  2. Sounds like a lot of hard work (and heavy on the hands). You definitely deserve that glass of red.

  3. Several would be in order. All those sharp edges to be filed!

  4. P, MJ, R & JM - thanks for checking out what is a pretty boring post - but preparation underpins a lot of what we do. All - Fiona and I enjoyed a g;ass or two.MJ - you know me too well - bringing new life to works that have been hand crafted is itself special - adding to the energy. All - will keep you posted on the progress of the pages. Go well. B

  5. yes, a lot of work, and a fine excuse (if one needs it) for red wine. seriously, i'm amazed at the amount of metal you transform!

    1. V- this job is certainly taking a lot of silver-plated EPNS. B

  6. Hello! I'm delighed to follow you. Your art works are really fantastic!!! Greetings from Spain. Maribel M.B

    1. HI - thanks for your comments from Spain; and thanks for following. Glad you like my works. B


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