Sunday, November 17, 2013

A bounty of bowls

Quite a few of the bowls from our studio-gallery (601 mvr) have gone to Holden's Gallery to be part of their current exhibition - so I needed to hammer a few more for our up-coming open studio next week end (23-24 November).

I'm pleased to say that the hammering has paid off; and I now has a reasonable collection and range of bowls for folk to look at and maybe purchase. The photos below show the variation in the bowls. All are made from recycled metal  - mainly EPNS trays and objects like butter dishes and sugar bowls.

Pods are my favourites - but they do take quite a lot of cycles of annealing and hammering - but I think the shape is beautiful to hold - a little like eggs from which something has hatched.

©2013 Barry Smith - A pair of pods (bowls)
Rounded bowls that have not been pushed to to the pod shape also fit well in the palm of the hand. And I have this thing lately where I like to leave the hammered edge (sanded and polished of course).

©2013 Barry Smith - Orange sized raised bowl
©2013 Barry Smith - Smaller palm sized raised bowl.

And the tiny bowls made from the bases of goblets are also faavourites - hard to hammer the rims as they are double layers of metal.

©2013 Barry Smith - A trio of tiny bowls - different number of cycles of hammering
I tried a couple of conical bowls that I have beaten in a number of directions giving them heaps of hammer texture.

©2013 Barry Smith - Heavily textured conical bowls
©2013 Barry Smith - Heavily textured conical bowls
I sold a leaf bowl recently so it encouraged me to make a couple of smaller versions.

©2013 Barry Smith - Small worn silver plate over brass leaf bowl
©2013 Barry Smith - Small silver plate over copper leaf bowl
And it is good to put the bases of small jardinieres to use by re-hammering them

©2013 Barry Smith - A pair of brass bowls
A bit of recycled copper never goes astray…

©2013c Barry Smith - Bowl - brushed brass over copper 
So that is how I spent part of the weekend - but a very satisfying result.


  1. I love the edges. Soft and blurred, very organic.
    Beautiful work.

  2. Beautiful! That is alot of hammering and pounding, my back gets sore just looking at it, take care of your back! Absolutely gorgeous though! Tx for sharing and inspiring, aloha, angi in hana

  3. Hatched eggs ..... that describes them perfectly.

  4. CC, AE, SB & R - sorry it has been a while since I have responded to your generous comments - the last few weeks have been pretty hectic with exhibitions and open studio days - so now I'm playing catch up. Many of the bowls in this post are now in new homes - I just love the feeling of folk wanting to own and hold pieces you have put energy and creativity into. CC - organic is so true. AE - yes lots of pounding but thankfully the body has held up. SB - pod lust only second to rustlust!!! R - the pods have to be my favourites because of the shape but also link to seeds and hatching. All - go well. B


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