Friday, November 8, 2013

Joining a couple of artists in the Holden's Gallery exhibition

I was asked by the Phil and Jenny Holden to submit a body of small indoor 3D works to complement the paintings by Gary Myers and Jo Duckworth in a November-December Holden's Gallery exhibition. I agreed to show hammered bowls - some pieces from my studio-gallery and a number of new pieces.

The exhibition officially opens in Holden's Gallery Coral Street Maleny at 12noon tomorrow (Saturday 9 Nov). The exhibition runs for a month; but there is a special showing this weekend (both Saturday and Sunday 8-9 Nov).

All works my works are made from recycled metal and objects. Most of the pieces I am showing are as follows:

©2013 Barry Smith - Wide bowl (about 16cm) - formerly large silver-plated placemat
©2013 Barry Smith - Conical raised bowls - silver plated copper and brass over copper
©2013 Barry Smith - Raised bowl - silver plated EPNS - heavily patinated
©2013 Barry Smith - Pod - silver plated copper  - formerly very worn tray
©2013 Pod cluster - silver plated EPNS
©2013 Barry Smith - Leaf bowl - silver plated EPNS - formerly drink tray (engraved on the back)
©2013 Barry Smith - Riveted shallow patinated copper plate - formerly laundry boiler
Holden's Gallery is just across the road from 37 Coral Street where the Printmakers exhibition - Pearls from the Press is being held  - so you can check both exhibitions out this weekend.


  1. Beautiful and inspiring as always, Barry. I just realised something: your works usually inspire in me the urge to eat them! I think that means a lot... :)

  2. You are much in demand's your work (lol).

  3. Wonderful collection, Barry, my favorites are the pods :)

  4. E, JM & VA - thanks for your supportive comments. E had to smile about the eating comment - good enough to eat!!! JM - lol!!! VA - Pods are good - but hard work and I'm not sure a lot of folk actually get them. All - I have sold a piece or two through this exhibition so it can't be all bad. Go well. B


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