Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy tiredness

Fiona and I have just finished two days of open studio. It has been a tiring two days but rewarding in so many ways. We have had great visitors: some who emanated to stay and chat about our art and techniques; some who wanted to sit and have a coffee and biscuit and offer support; some who brought biscuits to have with the coffee; some who wanted to take the opportunity to buy; and some who just did it all. These days are just so affirming from an art practice perspective.

We showered and headed onto the breezeway to have a much deserved glass of celebratory bubbles; and then the storm hit - sunshine to the south and rain and darkness in the north. So we have scuttled inside to finish the bubbles whilst blogging.

©2013 Barry Smith - Strom from the north
Today was quieter than yesterday so it gave us the chance to do a bit of making in between visitors. I have managed to grind the strips for my commission of 50 leaf letter openers; and I have started the process of marking the strips up and cutting they first half of the leaf form. The metal is too thick and hard to cut when folded - so I cut one side; fold; anneal; cut the other side; hammer; anneal; and unfold. The bench started clean but became progressively cluttered.

©2013 Barry Smith - Neat work area at the beginning of the day
©2013 Barry Smith - Work area becoming progressively cluttered as the day goes on 
©2013 Barry Smith - 55 metal strips ground and ready for cutting; and half marked up and cut on one side
I did like the curls of the off cuts clinging in the afternoon sun.

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I think it will be an early night tonight.


  1. beautiful images, gives me the feeling of lazing the afternoon away ... tho i'm guessing cutting up all those metal is anything far from lazing. even so, it looks like a real treat to be working at your space ... wide open wilderness, soft breeze, natural and creative beauty everywhere you look. Love that your open studios are getting more intimate with biscuits and tea to share as well as art.

  2. The last photo is asking me to "Add caption"... I love the spiral cut-offs!! Like curled leaves strewn around the ground. Glad you had a lot of visitors to the studio. I have an open studio in a couple of weeks, however, ill kitty has made prep and getting posters up delayed, hope someone comes!!

  3. congratulations on a meaningful weekend - i can only imagine how much work went into it all, but am so glad that it filled you in many ways. i can only imagine it would be an early night! but one filled with the satisfaction of a job well done. december is nigh!

  4. L, VA & MJ - thanks for checking out the post of one tired artist type. L - spending time with interested folk is both energising and tiring - but these last couple of days were much better than having hoards of people just coming through just because. VA - I did put a caption in - or so I thought - shows how weary I was - but it is nice to offer the reader the opportunity just to make something up. They were offcuts from all the leaf letter openers I'm making. Sorry to hear about your cat's illness; and hope you open studio goes well. MJ - December is nigh - that is a lovely thought - I will hold that. All go well. B


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