Friday, November 29, 2013

A few photos as we hit the road

Fiona and I will be sending the odd postcard blog from the USA over the next few weeks as we are over there for a bit of art and rest recreation. We hit the road this morning.

I thought I would just share a few of my iPhone photos of the sunset that Fiona shared on her Facebook on the day. Of course the tremendous colour came after the heavy grey of a storm.

©2013 Barry Smith - Standing stone and timbers after the storm
©2013 Barry Smith -  Standing stone and timbers during the storm
 We had some storm clouds lingering whilst the sun was setting the other colds on fire.

 ©2013 Barry Smith - Storm clouds linger and mix with blazing clouds
 ©2013 Barry Smith - Storm clouds linger and mix with blazing clouds
 ©2013 Barry Smith - Gold on the clouds 1
 ©2013 Barry Smith - Gold on the clouds 2
The amazing artistry of nature.

 Frangipani with the blush of sunset on its petals.

©2013 Barry Smith - Rain droplets and reflected light
This Friday night Fiona and I will be miles above the ocean - and yet maybe still a glass of bubbles to celebrate the end of a very busy but creative and enjoyable year.


  1. Beautiful photos, Baz...happy travels x

  2. Happy travels, and wave if you are passing over Massachusetts!

  3. A Maxfield Parrish sky above your amazing sculptures, the scent of frangipani, sounds like pure bliss. Thanks for sharing these stunning images. Have a wonderful getaway!

  4. Great photos well you two

  5. Safe and happy travels peeps. Stunning sky scapes B.


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