Friday, November 22, 2013

In readiness

Today Fiona and I have been flat out doing the sorting and tidying one tends to do in preparation for visitors to an open studio. We are ready to invite friends, fellow artists and the public into our reorganised studio gallery space 601 mvr at 601 Mountain View Road Maleny (Saturday and Sunday 23-24 November - 10am-4pm each day).

And as you can see from the photos below I have created enough pieces for folk to get a good idea of what I do; and to have stuff for them to purchase.

©2013 Barry Smith - Trademark items - bowls and silver plate peace leaves

©2013 Barry Smith - Display table - an assortment of stuff
©2013 Barry Smith - More Barry pieces - Daily Words and Pods
©2013 Barry Smith - Pendants 
©2013 Barry Smith - An abundance of earrings
I did not get time to take a photo of Fiona and my print display-sales area; and I'm sure Fiona will post a photo or two opt her great small books and journals. Something for everyone it would seem.

The day also heavy exercise in it as I gave Craige, our builder, a hand to spread 2 cubic meters of gravel into the car turning area we are building. And I cut quite a bit of metal so I can grind it  during the open studio days - always good to have a project.

©2013 Barry Smith - Strips of silver plated EPNS and copper cut from trays
©2013 Barry Smith - 55 pieces of silver plate
And now we are off to the opening of the COMA exhibition. I think I might need (not just want) a wine tonight.


  1. Looks great! Wish I could come, hope you have a good week end.

  2. Wonderful display of your gorgeous work. Hoping the visitors are many and a great time is had by all at your open studio. Enjoy that wine.

  3. An awesome looking display going on there B! I'm exhausted by all your happenings just reading your post. Have a great sale weekend and remember to breathe... K

  4. P, AA & K - where has the time gone - the open studio days seem to be a distant memory even though it was only yesterday,. Thanks for you wishes - must have worked as we had great couple of days with old friends and new. Go well. B


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