Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Metal for metro men

Quite a long time ago I made prototypes of metal tags or pendants for men that I called Metal for Men.
Yesterday I made a stash of 'metal tags' to take with us on our upcoming trip to have as gifts for males.

©2013 Barry Smith - Metal tags for men
As you can see from the photo above and below they all have a bit of the same look and general design - 3 layers of metal; different combinations of silver plate, copper and brass; rivets (some cold attachments and some decorative); and all with the word peace stamped on them.

©2013 Barry Smith - Metal tags for men 1
©2013 Barry Smith - Metal tags for men 2
©2013 Barry Smith - Metal tags for men 3 
©2013 Barry Smith - Metal tags for men 4
These 'metal tags' are a little more refined than the earlier prototypes below - hence the title metal for metro men. All tags are made from recycled metal offcuts and are about 35-40mm long by about 25-30mm wide

I think the recipients will be pleased with the new tags - they can always use them on their key rings.


  1. Very nice! Fascinating texture on #3 and 4.

  2. those are really nice B. someone suggested i should make things for men too ... but i have totally no idea what men would wear. Really enjoyed looking at your MfM pieces up close. simple lines with artistic textures and points of interest. very nice indeed!

  3. Hi VA, AA & L - thanks for checking the metal out. AA - hammer marks on silver plate - looks gorgeous up close. L - I'm not sure what men will wear but the concept of 'dog tags' has possibilities. Lines and texture are good. All - go well. B

  4. Wonderful work, I like the soft and metallic colors! Excellent, pure art!


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