Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A pair of Travellers' Shrines

Over the last few days I have been jumping around a bit making different pieces for different purposes as time has allowed: ladles for Maleny Additions shop; Peace Book Pendants and small bowls and Pods for our open studio; a pair of Travellers' Shrines and finishing off a third shrine; as well as helping Craige with the extension to the driveway (a deck thingy for cars).

©2013 Barry Smith - Detail of leather binding of a Travellers' Shrine
Today I committed to finishing the 3 Traveller's shrines (two were commissions); and am happy to say I completed the task.

The new pair of shrines were cut from a small worn drinks tray - silver plate over fairly thick copper - very old and a gorgeous pattern and patina. As with my Travellers' Shrines each is made up of: the folded and riveted metal box lined with felt; a small offering bowl (can double as an incense bowl); an incense stick holder; some short lengths of Japanese incense; a peace leaf; and a small mat to set out the shrine. Photos of the competed pair follow.

©2013 Barry Smith - Open Travellers' Shrines
©2013 Barry Smith - Initial contents of Travellers' Shrines
©2013 Barry Smith - Travellers Shrines with tops on
©2013 Barry Smith - Travellers Shrines tied with leather - ready for travel
I am pleased how these shrines turned out. They are smallish - about 8-9cm long and 6cm wide. I like to think that they will bring a little peace and stillness into the lives of the owners (travellers).


  1. "A deck thingy"... that would be a technical term, i suppose :-)
    Love these baby shrines, such a great idea!

  2. b...peace and stillness indeed these will bring...each is gorgeous with the intricate detailing of the lids...truly a beautiful idea skillfully crafted...much love light and blessings~

  3. SS & B - Thanks for your supportive comments - I think I can make a small contribution to folk through these shrines; and of course I love making them - there is an energy for me and those who purchase them. I had a person who visited the studio today and purchased a TS for a friend - she was over the moon. SS - so great to hear from you - the links are there. Yes a very technical term - at times I think we are building a bridge - i will share a few photos when it is done. B - As I said to the builder a couple of days ago - I think they rate made of old materials but that gives them both an age and sacredness. Go well. B

  4. Wonderful, I love the delicacy of these shrines!! Good job!


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