Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Prints coming together

It has been quite a task to produce 10 original prints and 10 copies of each. And of course as Fiona indicated it does not finish there as there is: signing, photographing, packing, putting stickers on and doing a one page catalogue.

But below you will find my 10 prints (no expert photography mind and they are cropped). Each print is an open edition; and at this point in time I have made 10 of each print. Each print is 13.5cm (h) X 11.5cm (w) and fits into a CD case stand. The size and weight means they are great gifts for posting.

I have done an Urban Elements series….

©2013 Barry Smith - Urban Elements 1
©2013 Barry Smith - Urban Elements 2
©2013 Barry Smith - Urban Elements 3
A few landscapes ….

©2013 Barry Smith - Dream Trees
©2013 Barry Smith - Fold in the Landscape
©2013 Barry Smith - Lunar Rendezvous1
A couple of different bowls …..

©2013 Barry Smith - Sacred Bowl
©2013 Barry Smith - Offering
A pair of daisies

©2013 Barry Smith - Daisies
And a beached fishing boat ……

©2013 Barry Smith - Beached
As Fiona said in her post, prints that don't sell in the Maleny Printmakers exhibition will be for sale at our Open Studio on 23-24 November. If you will not be able to make to the exhibition or our Open Studio feel free to email me and I will see what we can organise.


  1. I don't know why, but Urban Elements 2 really appeals to me... hope I get up there to see all the prints.

  2. i love them all - but offering really speaks to me.
    what i just love about the way you and fiona use your energies is that it is all so diverse. yes, you have favorite media - but the experimentation and interest is really inspiring.
    i have always thought printmaking would be fun.

  3. I love the broken diagonal in Urban III - beautiful prints all. Best of luck at the show!

  4. What a fantastic group of prints, Barry. I just love the Urban Elements series... and also the trees and moon. Are the Urban Elements monotype or etching? They have a very painterly feeling, so I thought maybe monotype/collograph. Love the contrasts in color and texture.

  5. I have to confess to being surprised at how talented a printmaker you have proved yourself. I don't know why - it just seems a very different medium. I think the Urban series is such strong work. I hope you continue to develop it.

  6. i especially like those urban elements…number two is my favorite. really cool to see you working flat. or almost flat.

  7. JM, MJ, TP, VA, A & V - good to have a bunch of fellow artistes stop by to check out the prints. JM - I too like Urban Elements - bit of rust about the series; hope to see you there. MJ - thanks for your generous comment. Printmaking is fun; and so very different from my usual art. TP - thanks for checking my stuff; and for well wishes. VA - Thought trees and moon might appeal - inspired a little by your woods watercolours in a light sense; and Urban Elements are collar graphs; but I do a bit of tricky rubbing back and add other layers of ink before printing - basically I have three rollers on the go. A - don't think I can accepted the talented printmaker title but am glad =you liked what you saw; and yes I will continue urban elements. V- thanks; and yes bit unusual for me to be working on the flat. All - go well. B

  8. You never cease to amaze! Wonderful prints. I especially like the landscapes and bowls. The texture you achieved with your "flat bowls" is as impressive as the 3-D variety.

    1. AA - thanks - always good to test oneself with a different medium!!! And challenging oneself with 3D on the flat surface was good - with a bit more practice I could turn out some consistent good pieces - but then again the metal calls. B

  9. wow barry.... these are brilliant! Like them all, but Dream Trees & Lunar Rendezvous look extra special to me (Surprise, surprise!!)


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