Sunday, November 3, 2013

Art on the block is nothing without a Peacock or two

Fiona captured the photos in this post on Friday afternoon whilst I was cutting down weeds with the whipper-snipper.

A couple of Peacocks came to visit from the gardens in the valley below us. I just loved how they ranged over the block seeming to check out the art works and new building works. The white Peacock was an unusual sight. The other Peacock has visited before.

©2013 Fiona Dempster - Nice installation!!!! 
©2013 Fiona Dempster - Nice installation - I agree - lovely detail!!!!
©2013 Fiona Dempster - These works are coming along well!!!
©2013 Fiona Dempster - This bridge across the rock river works well!!!!
©2013 Fiona Dempster - Nice poppies and that book wall is curing nicely.
Just thought I had to share those. And yes they did wander home. Almost scared the living daylights out of me as I saw them out of the corner of my eye - I was not sure what the large dark shape was that suddenly appeared beside me. I had earphones on and engine running so I did not hear the darker Peacock approach; and I knew it was not a wallaby.


  1. I'm stunned. Gobsmacked, in fact. You've got quite the Alice in Wonderland yard...with wallabies and peacocks strolling in and out. Has the white rabbit dropped by yet? Or the Mad Hatter? What form does the Cheshire Cat take when he visits?

    Truly, I'm sitting here simply amazed at the beauty of your artworks and the wildlife that stops to admire them. Not to mention that Fiona seems to have been fairly close to the peacocks while snapping her lovely photos. A white peacock? Would that be an albino? Must look that up.

    Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

    1. J - there are times when we also think we have moved into another world. But we feel very fortunate to have a place where birds and animals feel that they can visit - and so good they appreciate art. I think the white bird is an albino. And yes they do not seem to be afraid of humans - they come quite close - but of course are quite dismissive and just stroll on. Go well. B

  2. They're back! .... and they have excellent taste in art, I see.

  3. A beauty contest between nature's art and human creations! 'Alice in Wonderland' is a fair comparison. Lucky you!

  4. The white ones are so amazingly elegant - as are the blue/green ones, just so different. I once dreampt of a black peafowl, wonder if they exist? I'm surprised they weren't afraid of the weed trimming you were doing!!

  5. Hi R, EM & VA - indeed they are back - but thanks for checking out thew white one. R - thank you re the taste in art. EM - we know we are lucky - we have these visitors without having to do the work. VA - elegant and regal - just drift in and out. Not sure of the black peafowl. They seem to be very confident. All - go well and enjoy the gifts nature sometimes offers. B

  6. what gorgeous visitors Barry. That white one is special.

  7. barry, this is delightful, such elegant visitors. yesterday i had the neighbor;s dairy herd hanging out across my road, glad they didn't cross the road!


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