Friday, October 10, 2014

A little reflected beauty at the end of the day

©2014 Barry Smith  - Shiny and reflective micro Starburst Bowl (25mm in diameter)
This Friday has been an art and people kind of day. It has included visiting a couple of open studios of artist friends; meeting about and reworking technical drawings for one of the large a art-feature panels for our local store; recycling a bit of metal for another friend; and doing a wee bit of hammering.

Given the short amount of time I decided to work on more of my small Starburst Bowls for my planned 'installation' of many such bowls.

As usual the work starts with scraps - in this instance the bases off metal wine and liquor 'glasses'.

©2014 Barry Smith - Bases on the annealing pit.
Goes through a few cycles of hammering.

©2014 Barry Smith - Two lots of hammering - more annealing and hammering to go.
And ends up with polishing.

©2014 Barry Smith - Micro Starburst Bowl in setting sun - lots of hammer texture 
©2014 Barry Smith - Shiny cluster of small Starburst Bowls reflecting the afternoon sun
©2014 Barry Smith - Shiny cluster of small Starburst Bowls reflecting the afternoon sun
I only managed to finish half of what I started; but my total completed stash has grown to just under 20 now. We have a visitor coming to share bubbles and pizza so I must away.


  1. Hello, Barry.

    Depth and brilliance of the work. Warmth of the handmade has been embraced therein.

    Have a good weekend. From Japan, ruma❃

  2. Always a treat to see your process. The last two photos are pure eye candy. Gorgeous!

  3. Micro bowls in afternoon sun... stunning!!

  4. Your photography of these bowls is stunning! From start to finish each one seems to be a tiny Barry miracle.

  5. your bowls enthrall me - and the bouncing of light off of the incredible texture is mesmerizing. beautiful as bowls, and as photographs. would be neat to see them underwater bouncing light around.

  6. Hi Ruma, AA, VA, C & MJ - sorry for the delay in responding to your most welcome and supportive comments. Ruma - the mark of the maker adds an extra something to pieces of art I think. AA - love the eye candy comment - the afternoon sun is great for picking up the shine and hammer marks. VA - cool silver given the warm light by the sun. C - thanks - not miracles but good to see and enjoy the transition. MJ - the thought of light and the play of water on the reflection from the bowls is a great visual image - I'm afraid my shots are usually rushed at the end of the day - I'm lucky that the iPhone and light are forgiving. All - go well and create well. B


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