Friday, October 24, 2014

Deputy Book Celebrator

A very early morning in our household as we had to get up to get Fiona on her way to NZ with Susan B to present the work on their artists' book collaboration at the international conference in Auckland.

One of the outcomes of Fiona being over there and I being over here is that I get to deputise for her in a couple of Celebration of the Books things - such as helping hang Swap Tree signs; and best of all attend the official launch of the weekend (food and wine - thanks Fiona).

The group of volunteers who put on this event/s does a lot of good and unrecognised work - so I thought I might offer the key folk a small book gift - a micro metal book brooch at the launch - quiet like.

©2014 Barry Smith - Micro books packed in Fiona's gift pockets made from old book pages
I didn't have a lot of time today as I had committed to sanding and painting Fiona's folks decks whilst they also are away for the weekend - which I started earlier today. I had cut covers for the metal books yesterday afternoon; and this afternoon hurriedly stamped, drilled, ground, polished and riveted 5 brooches and 2 micro books - didn't have enough clasps.

©2014 Barry Smith - Each micro book is stored separately to ensure the 3 pieces match later
©2014 Barry Smith - Five micro book brooches  (25mm wide, 35mm long and 10mm across)
©2014 Barry Smith - Two micro books (25mm wide, 35mm long and 10mm across) 
©2014 Barry Smith - Bit of metal detail
The photos above are a bit blurry as again it was a rushed job so I could do this post before rushing out the door.  I like that I thought to take the brooches and other two books along in Fiona's wrapping - makes her a little more present at the event.


  1. What a lovely gift! And even more special in Fiona's book page pockets.

  2. How thoughtful and generous! Have a lovely weekend Barry.

  3. the brooches are a brilliant idea. I am sure they loved them. The pockets were just the thing to present them in.
    Sandy in the UK

  4. Fabulous gifts, Barry! Such a generous thought!

  5. I only just got read thi now - how gorgeous and special! So much work involved and I am sure they appreciated them. I wore my book earrings at the conference yesterday too!

  6. Hi R, J, S, C & F - thanks for you comments - the recipients loved the fact that it was a random act. R - the simplicity of the book pockets made it special. J - a tiring but good weekend was had. S - you can see how Fiona and my stuff can complement each other. C - it does bring joy both ways. F - well it started with your book earrings etc. All - go well. B


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