Sunday, October 5, 2014

More fish for True Cut Gallery

I didn't get much time over the weekend for creating art; though Fiona and I immersed ourselves in art. We attended the opening of Noela's artist of the month opening on Saturday night; attended a post opening dinner with a bunch of artists; and went to Kenilworth Sunday to check out the Kenilworth art prize exhibition and other art events.

True Cut Gallery has sold a couple of my metal fish recently; so I decided to make a start on a small school of small fish. The metal for the bodies are cut from old patterned jardinieres; then hammered into shape; and ground and polished ready for head, fins and tail. Head, fins and tail are made from offcuts of silver-plated copper and EPNS. All riveted together.

As you can see I managed to finish one fish which is about 300mm long.

©2014 Barry Smith - Brass cut and polished for fish bodies
©2014 Barry Smith - One fish finished and 7 to go.
©2014 Barry Smith - Metal fish - ready for market
If time permits I will progress the rest of the school during the week.


  1. Hi V & C - thanks for the encouragement - they also make me smile - they each seem to have a personality. Go well. B


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