Wednesday, October 8, 2014

About the moon

I'm pretty excited that there could be a chance that we will get to see another blood moon tonight. In the lead up to tonight I have taken a few shots of the moon - once very early in the morning (about 2am); and yesterday evening. Almost like a before the blood moon series of photos.

Thought I'd just share a few moon photos. First the morning photos.

©2014 Barry Smith - Early morning moon (Oct 14)
©2014 Barry Smith - Early morning moon (Oct 14)
©2014 Barry Smith - Section of the early morning moon (Oct 14)
And the evening photos.

©2014 Barry Smith - Evening moon through the trees (Oct 14)
©2014 Barry Smith - Evening moon through moving leaves (Oct 14)
©2014 Barry Smith - Contrast and light - moon through the leaves (Oct 14)
©2014 Barry Smith - A tinge of green light - moon through the leaves (Oct 14)
©2014 Barry Smith - Early evening moon (Oc 14)
I always find it interesting how the moon image appears to have rotated from evening to morning. I will now keep my eyes peeled tonight for the blood moon.


  1. Really beautiful shots Barry. Good luck for tonight.....cloudy here sadly :(

  2. Stunning moon, and your photos are just beautiful, B!

  3. Beautiful moon photos! We had an eclipse here (North America) yesterday; I don't know how much of it you were able to see. Thanks for sharing these!

  4. Hi A, JM, C & SD - glad you liked the moon shots - I think they always draw and mesmerise us. We missed the blood moon but these were a grand consolation prize. Go well. B

  5. I've been away for far too long but I do enjoy catching up! The moon images remind me of your hammered bowls, Barry.


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