Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Droplets after rain

Last night we had a light shower of rain - much appreciated by the garden and plants in general. On my early morning walk I was taken by the number of shining points of light caused by the bright sun low in the sky and the rain droplets still clinging to flowers and leaves.

©2014 Barry Smith - Droplet clinging to a Jacaranda branch
So what could one do but pause, appreciate and take the odd photo - some of which follow.

©2014 Barry Smith - Grevillea
©2014 Barry Smith - Passionfruit
©2014 Barry Smith - Scarlet bottlebrush
©2014 Barry Smith - Hmmm!! Bright yellow flower?
©2014 Barry Smith - Jacaranda - starting to bloom
©2014 Barry Smith - Coral tree - yet to bloom
©2014 Barry Smith - Pink trumpet flower?
©2014 Barry Smith - Tiny white flower?
©2014 Barry Smith - Section of a pink bottlebrush - a riot of droplets
©2014 Barry Smith - Tibouchina
©2014 Barry Smith - Sweet pea - waiting to unfold in the morning sun
©2014 Barry Smith - Agave leaf
©2014 Barry Smith - Tiny stamen flower of bougainvillea
It almost seemed like the flowers and plants were breathing, cleansed and full of life. All photos were taken with the iPhone.


  1. Thanks for your comment Barry, think your small white flower is a honeysuckle, should know the others but don't !

  2. I agree with Penny about the honeysuckle... There's nothing so magical as tiny drops of water - lovely photos, Barry!

  3. Hi P & C - thanks for checking out these little beauties of nature - and I agree now that you have said it - they do appear to be honeysuckle. P - In always enjoy the views from your walks - I hope one day I might be able to share one with you. C - they are like clear temporary crystals - reflecting light - easy to enjoy. Go well. B


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