Friday, October 31, 2014

Gifts and giving

It must be the time of the year - my Leafspoons, Leaf Letter Openers and Ladles in Maleny Additions are selling like hot metal - so much so that I have had to go into production mode. I think it is the lead up to Christmas - metal is good to send overseas as gifts - it doesn't crush or break; and not being wood customs deal with it a lot better.

©2014 Barry Smith - Tagged and ready for Maleny Additions
So a bunch of Leafspoons and Leaf Letter Openers have been made; tagged and delivered to Maleny additions. Great swing tags by Fiona.

©2014 Barry Smith  - Six Leafspoons ready for tags
©2014 Barry Smith - Six Leaf Letter Openers - ready for tags
©2014 Barry Smith - Looking much better with the tags
And a stash of Ladles have been started - but more on that on Sunday. But I also wanted to share the photos below.

That is the art journal I won in Jennifer C Q's giveaway - such a perfect little journal - it will sit on my shelf of inspirational stuff and not be marred by my scrawl. Big thanks to Jennifer for her generosity.

Must away - it is Friday - I'm sure there are things to be done in the kitchen and a single malt to be enjoyed.


  1. A single malt ? Whatever happened to the red ?

  2. Wonderful to have your work selling like hotcakes! Love the letteropeners and wonderful tags by Fiona. A lovely little package to receive. Happy Friday!

  3. Hi Barry I'm not surprised that they are selling like hotcakes. Could you let me know next time you make a batch of your curled gum leaves. I had a large one and a small one which I loved. An English relative who makes silver jewellery was staying with me and she loved them so much she desperately wanted them. I allowed her to take mine home as a gift with the idea that I could replace mine rather than waiting to buy and post some to her.

  4. It's no surprise to me, that these pieces are selling like hotcakes. They look fantastic and Fionas handwritten tags give them the perfect touch!

    Gaby xo

  5. Hi P, VA, HM & GB - thanks for checking out the results of the production line. P - testbeds have been impacted by medication - therefore single malt!!! HM - such a generous act - but of course they can be replaced - will email you. GB - you are right about Fiona's tags giving the perfect touch - in fact before her swing tags were attached I hardly sold any - but the swing tags gives them greater authenticity and a sense of being trly handmade. All - go well. B

  6. Just lovely, Barry, and definitely hot cake material. Fiona's labels are the perfect finishing touch.


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