Friday, October 3, 2014

Another fragmented Friday

©2014 Barry Smith - Slivers trimmed from the metal book pages (about 1-2mm wide)
Today has had its fair share of art in it - but it has been a bit of this and that. Fiona and I dropped the 28 silver-plated pages off in Caloundra to have them etched for the book job we are doing; Fiona took the Peace display down out of the local library cabinets; I cleaned up my work bench - including harvesting the slivers of metal above which might go to Noela for her jewellery; and I got to make a few more fragment bowls.

The photos of the metal fragment transformation follows.

©2014 Barry Smith - Random metal offcuts - about 40mmX55mm.
©2014 Barry Smith - Pressed and hammered metal on the anvil
©2014 Barry Smith  - Polished fragment bowls - very shiny - hard to photograph without reflections
©2014 Barry Smith  - Polished fragment bowls - showing the backs of a few
©2014 Barry Smith - Bowls on the anvil - the after shot - picking up colours around the bench
Fiona is on dinner detail - it includes bubbles - so all is well.


  1. Love these progress shots, B. Nothing goes to waste, eh? I have always thought there is often more beauty to be found in the fragmented than the whole. So good that there are those who can make that notion a tangible - and beautiful - object of art!

  2. Enjoy the bubbles! You've worked hard today.

    By the way, I haven't forgotten that you won one my journals. It will be beginning its journey to you next week. My apologies for the delay!!!

  3. Bowl fragments... artifacts... cool.

  4. Extraordinary transformations, B, just beautiful!

  5. Hi TT, J, VA & C - sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your generous anmd thoughtful comments. TT - the fragments can so often offer details that are covered by the image of the whole. J - bubbles were enjoyed - shall keep my eye out for the journal. VA - a precious trove!! C - the transformation never ceases to excite me. All - go well. B


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