Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The colour of spring and other images

At the moment our block is a riot of growth and colour. This morning I was particularly taken by the contrast of the colour of the new growth of our Japanese maple against a clear blue sky morning.

©2014 Barry Smith - Spring maple colour
Over the weekend Fiona and I attended a couple of exhibitions in the same building (one artists' books exhibition and the other a textile exhibition). I was taken by the detail in some of the pieces which I share in the following photos.

I apologise to the artists that I don't give them recognition for the fragments of their work - the visit and appreciation of the exhibition was a bit too fleeting for recording all the details.


  1. both your post and fiona's today (at least i'm looking at them today!) have made me very happy! thank you barry.

  2. Delicious little glimpses of those lovely details! I really enjoyed them!

  3. What delightful exhibitions they must have been, B! Lovely works.

  4. Hi V, SD & C - The art of others can feed the soul and offer inspiration and encouragement to get down into the studio and do a little more. V - glad the two post made you happy. SD - I agree the little glimpses can off a whole world. C - we enjoyed spending time with the works - I think that is always a good sign. All - enjoy life in its fullness. B


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