Friday, March 20, 2015

Fragments for peace

Fiona and I have been part of the Flags for Peace blog group since MJ started it in 2012. Each year we have kept the more robust "flags" and we have hung them, and a set of flags Jennifer Q sent us, on the bell deck on the southern side of the house. Some of Fiona's flags have been made of paper - and sadly, but beautifully in a ephemeral sense, are a little less resilient.

©2015 Barry Smith - Japanese Peace Bell - silent peace sentry on the block
The flags continue to age, flap and get slightly shredded by the wind. I think of it as the flags continuing to send out their peace messages. A few days ago I was doing work on the wall below the bell deck and just loved the beauty of the fragments of peace flags that continued to offer their message. Some images of these fragments - though you may have seen earlier versions of these before.

©2015 Barry Smith - Barry's Rainbow Umbrella flags - shredded to beautiful tatters
©2015 Barry Smith - Jennifer's flags quietly hanging in there since 2012
©2015 Barry Smith - Fiona's Rainbow Peace Flags with Cranes - faded but holding true 
©2015 Barry Smith - Fiona's Peace Cranes on wash clothes - beautiful fragile symbols of peace
©2015 Barry Smith - Iron Peace dove - rusting but strong
And the fragments of shaped rusted metal also continue to offer up peace.

©2015 Barry Smith - Seek peace - a lasting message
I love it when things you have put in place continue to work for peace even without one's active involvement.


  1. Such meaningful fragments, B, keeping their fragile grasp on peace. I do so love the rusty bird and that very rusty triangle.

  2. i think, if anything, this really is the way of peace. the day in, day out - easy, difficult - one foot in front of the other - consistency in our approach. and so the tatters and rust attest to the time that has been dedicated to the cause. it's beautiful.


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