Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Revisiting old friends

Usually on Wednesdays I blog on my morning walk - but over the last couple of days I have been involved in a community group art activity; and this activity had a special significance because it was about continuing work on an installation called Peace in the Trees  that we started in 2012 with a local art sculptor and friend Craig who recently died.

Anyway, I just wanted to share some photos of the pieces of sandstone sculpture that 12 of us (non-sculptors) did in August 2012. They have weathered beautifully - lovely green patinas.

©2015 Barry Smith - Solace by Kim
©2015 Barry Smith - Be Still by Ken
©2015 Barry Smith - Heartfelt by Carolyn
©2015 Barry Smith - Quandong by Edith-Ann
©2015 Barry Smith - The Stillness of Water by Katie
©2015 Barry Smith - The Stillness of Water by Katie
©2015 Barry Smith - Shh… by James
©2015 Barry Smith - Thought - Vivienne
©2015 Barry Smith - Thought - Vivienne
©2015 Barry Smith - Choice - Sally
©2015 Barry Smith - Choice - Sally
©2015 Barry Smith - Platypus - Cathy 
©2015 Barry Smith - Creating Peace - Michael
©2015 Barry Smith - Shard - yet to be developed
©2015 Barry Smith - Reflection - Judy
©2015 Barry Smith - Peace - Barry
Over the last two days and two days next week we are working to further refine these works before donating them to our local government for installation on a public walkway. Farewell Craig who started this journey with us.


  1. i remember this project - how beautifully they have aged. how timeless. interesting, isn't it? how in art, craig and you all become immortal in this solid work. it remains to inspire and soothe... and the artist's spirit always remains within. a fitting tribute.
    i do so love stone - and have never forgotten something i learned about michelangelo - when referencing his 'slave' carvings, he felt he was releasing them. that they already existed within and he was merely freeing them. i've always wanted to experience stone carving for just that reason.

  2. A lovely idea to donate these sculptures to your local council. They will make a memorable walkway. Peace, Barry!

  3. Hi MJ and C- thanks for your valued visit and comments. I'm off to spend Tuesday and Wednesday of this coming week to add more to my piece. As you say we now have an added dimension to our work knowing it will be dedicated to Craig. Whilst we are no Michelangelo we are releasing some simple tributes from the stone. Go well. B


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