Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Immersing oneself in night light

Fiona and I have been off the mountain for almost a week for work-work and art work - back home this afternoon. One of our stops was Canberra. One night Fiona was catching up with her friend Sue - I went for a night walk after dinner.

©2015 Barry Smith - Detail of the droplet
I was intrigued by this sculpture - I have seen to by day; but much prefer it by night when it is lit from with; and contrasts beautifully with the darkened sky. As I walked towards it I was more and more intrigued by the colour, patterns, light and detail.

©2015 Barry Smith - Beautiful reflections 
©2015 Barry Smith - Glistening, reflecting emerging
©2015 Barry Smith - Beautiful form
©2015 Barry Smith - Merging with the dark sky
©2015 Barry Smith - Drawn upwards
Sadly the work is very large - about 4 or more meters high - it is too crowded by the urban bits and pieces - I would love to see it in an empty park. Anyway I thought I would just share a few photos captured with the trusty iPhone.


  1. Fascinating work of art. And your photos are mesmerizing. Thank you for sharing, Barry.

  2. Wow, B, this is fabulous! I love the teaser in the first pic, and then the photos getting closer and closer. You and your iPhone make a great team.


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