Sunday, March 15, 2015

The stone carvers

©2015 Barry Smith - One of Judy's spirals
Over the last couple of weeks a number of artists have volunteered their time to continue to develop their peace and environment inspired stone monoliths for the Peace in the Trees installation.

A big thank you to the Sunshine Coast Council for providing funds to pay for sculptor Wayne Markwort to supervise the 4 days of volunteer sculptural work.

It was hard and dirty work but a lot of satisfaction when we saw where we got to given none of us are stone carvers. The stone is very hard Helidon sandstone with ironstone inclusions. We have deliberately left much of the raw stone for contrast; and also the drill holes Craig Medson used to hand split the stone.

Some of the carvers and their work follow:

©2015 Barry Smith - Kim with her piece Solace
©2015 Barry Smith - Detail from Solace
©2015 Barry Smith - Emma chipping away
©2015 Barry Smith - And the goanna emerges
©2015 Barry Smith - Michael added to his design
©2015 Barry Smith - Katie adding to almost every face of her large block of stone
©2015 Barry Smith -  Peace in many languages
©2015 Barry Smith - Rose quartz in the bowl on top of Katie's stone
©2015 Barry Smith - Our sculpting instructor Wayne Markwort put a bit of emphasis around  Carolyn's Heartfelt piece.
©2015 Barry Smith - James' piece was given some finishing touches
©2015 Barry Smith - Cathy and Wayne added to Cathy's Platypus
©2015 Barry Smith - Judy getting down and dirty
©2015 Barry Smith - Intricate spirals on Judy's stone
©2015 Barry Smith - I added Imagine and a leaf on this face.
©2015 Barry Smith - Now was added to this face and a leaf and definition to the front.
©2015 Barry Smith - Couple of leaves on the back with natural hard ironstone showing through
©2015 Barry Smith - Viv carefully carving her leaf forms
©2015 Barry Smith - Earth mother and leaves emerge
Some of the artists will continue to work on their stone now and then over the next month. And in a couple of months we hope to move the pieces and install them along a public walk. We are working with the Sunshine Coast Council on the relocation and installation of the works.


  1. What an amazing result B - stunning work and so much peace and energy flowing from that did a remarkable thing in bringing them all together...

  2. What an impressive collection of talent and work! Spectacular! Thank you for sharing this beautiful and inspiring post.

  3. All these stone pieces are marvelous... I do not think I would have the strength it would take so I greatly admire the finished pieces.

  4. Barry, the sculptures are wonderful, full of grace and gravitas. They will make a wonderful walkway and will be an inspiration to all who see them.

  5. Barry, and everyone involved ... the sculptures look absolutely amazing ... beautiful work, each and every one of them ! ... will miss them xx


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