Friday, March 13, 2015

Recycling wood

It has been a bit of a crazy day at our place today: doing some work work; hosting art friends; and attempting to progress a couple of art projects - I wanted to sand all the posts for the two post installations I have planned.

©2015 Barry Smith - Camphor Laurel top for the table made from a long piece of salvaged timber that I cut and joined.
Because I knew it would be all over the place I decided to do a recycling job Fiona and I had discussed - turning a tall piece of Silky Oak furniture I had carried around for 25 years into something useful in our home. Photos below show the planned hall table under construction.

©2015 Barry Smith - Excellent way to weigh the table legs down onto the top - 30kgs of anvil 
©2015 Barry Smith - Top attached and sanded.
©2015 Barry Smith - Top attached and sanded and oiled with  an eco friendly red cedar oil
And then photos of the two pieces in place in the hallway; and creating a new reading nook with the addition of a small Steampunk Lamp - I will make a bigger Steampunk lamp just for that space - but all in good time.

©2015 Barry Smith - Silky Oak plinth with Steampunk lamp
©2015 Barry Smith - Silky Oak plinth with Steampunk lamp
©2015 Barry Smith - Table next to hallway cupboard 
©2015 Barry Smith - And the real purpose for making the table
I did get to start sanding the posts with the belt sander. I don't want to take the posts back to pristine wood - I want to keep a bit of age on them - but I want them to be smooth and clean enough to rout and work.

©2015 Barry Smith - Belt sander and 15cm square hardwood post
©2015 Barry Smith - Wood - clean but still retaining the aged look 
Being Friday there is always something happening in the kitchen - so I'm off to make pizza and drink red wine - good end to the day.


  1. i've often wondered what treasure might be hidden deep inside those thick old planks out in my barn...and pizza sounds good (not to mention wine).

  2. Silky Oak and Camphor Laurel are such beautiful timbers! Lovely pieces of furniture!


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