Wednesday, March 11, 2015

It is autumn right?

The mornings lately have been beautiful for exercising and walking - soft and cool. But the surprising thing is that there is just still a riot of colour with the flowers even though we are already a couple of weeks into autumn. And strangely still some roses in the garden on the block.

©2015 Barry Smith - Dew on rose petals
©2015 Barry Smith - Dew on rose petals
©2015 Barry Smith - Roses for Fiona on the rusting table
I have been carving stone for the last two days so I think I will just let the images speak for themselves tonight. Colour to cheer us all - including those still in the cold.

The insects are still working - maybe getting the pollen and nectar in before the autumn really hits.

©2015 Barry Smith - Tiny spider - about 15mm long
©2015 Barry Smith - Tiny (about 2mm long) white bug
©2015 Barry Smith - Ants collecting pollen?
©2015 Barry Smith - Tiny blossom (about 5mm long) suspended in mid air on a strand of the finest of cobwebs
©2015 Barry Smith - Bee on mock orange blossoms
And the Camelias on out southern terraces are suddenly starting to bloom.

©2015 Barry Smith - Camellias bursting out on the block
©2015 Barry Smith - Dew on Camellia blossom - not yet fully unfurled
©2015 Barry Smith - Intense promise of colour - Camellia buds
The weather all seems a bit out of sync - still it is good to be able to appreciate the colours and details of nature.


  1. Spectacular blossoms! Those roses on the rusting table for Fiona are breathtaking. What a lovely post. Thank you!

  2. haven't had flowers for ages....thanks!

  3. Lovely photos, nearly missed the tiny bug. Cool nights and mild days here but we need rain.

  4. expert photography Barry - colour and peace

  5. Simply stunning and a visual delight! I really really enjoyed the roses...

  6. Glorious, Barry, and I could almost smell the roses! Hard to imagine autumn here so far, though it is raining today which is a relief. Enjoy your stone carving...

  7. Beautiful. Your fall looks more like our spring or summer based on the abundance of blooms. Such a welcome sight to this still-somewhat-snow-bound girl. We had a few days of warmer temps which managed to melt about half the white stuff. Our driveway is actually visible again! Come on spring!

  8. Hi V, AA, C, P, G, F, C & J - thanks for checking out that heap of nature and colour - looking at the post again even made me smile - what a riot of colour for autumn. V - a bit of colour to offset the white? AA - just put the roses there when I went to take a photo of the Camellias - couldn't resist the contrast. C - you can always visit - lots of Camellias to share at the moment. P - had a shower here tonight so hope you get your shower of rain down your way. G - and colour and peace to you as you prepare your courses. F - glad we can enjoy and share. C - rain is good - stone carving is finished for now - good results - will share on Sunday. J - I thought of our US friends when I did the blog post - thought the colour would be welcome. All - go well, B


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