Sunday, March 29, 2015

Glass fragments in Canberra

On our recent work trip south Fiona and I were fortunate to be able to fit in a couple of quick visits to favourite galleries including Canberra Glassworks.

They had a public and free exhibition called Diplomacy: translations in glass. Some details on the screen shot below.

I loved the detail of many of the works; and so I thought i would share a few of my photos below.

The old iPhone 5 stills produces some good images.


  1. Interesting images, one piece looks like a watercolor, can't quite figure that as glass!

  2. Hello. Your work is Superb.
    Greetings from Japan. ruma

  3. Glorious glass! Gorgeous photos, Barry.

  4. VA, Ruma & C - thanks for sharing this visual g;lass feast with me. VA - the play of light and layers os glass just offer special visions. Ruma - glad you like the work and the photos. C - good for we artists to share. Peace. B


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