Sunday, July 12, 2015

Soaking in the creativity of other artists at st+baker+studio and gallery

On Saturday Fiona and I did a quick trip down to Redcliffe to check out Jo St Baker's studio and gallery of contemporary art. It is so refreshing to see that someone has taken the risk to run a private contemporary gallery - no mean feat in these challenging economic times. A great space with a eclectic range of contemporary works.

We used it as an opportunity to check out the the kindred spirits steampunk and assemblage exhibition by Bec Pearl and Martin Pedder.

 I loved the creativity of Bec and Martin; and of course their use of recycled materials and objects. A few images from the exhibition.

We were so inspired we bought a small piece of sculpture. It will find a home on the block.


  1. Love the arm and the bird sculpture.

  2. Wow! I'm not really a huge steampunk follower, but these pieces are amazing. The winged torso is stunning as is the mermaid. How lucky to see this exhibit. I'm wondering...which piece made its way home with you? Enjoy!

  3. Looks like just your cup of tea Barry.

  4. Fascinating stuff, love all those cogs and wheels. My super parcel arrived today, feeling very special as I really liked that particular pendant, need a bowl now to put my words in! Thank you so much.

  5. Hi I, J, JM & P - grand to share the art of others. I - the arm is a very clever piece. J - there are some great creative people around. The metal torso was brilliant - beyond our price range. The piece we bought - to be revealed at a later date!!! JM - I did enjoy it - good to see you today. P - glad your parcel arrived and it was the piece you desired - a good outcome. All- go well. B

  6. How I would love to see this exhibition, Barry! Thank you for sharing such fascinating photos.


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