Wednesday, September 23, 2015


©2015 Barry Smith - A tiny (about 20mm in diameter) blossom tucked away in the foliage
The mornings are much brighter - even at 6am it is too light to see the colour of the sunrise. But the compensation is the abundance of colour of blossoms and birds.

My walk took a bit longer than usual as I found myself drawn to the detail and pattern of many of the flowers as you can see below. And I like how some of the backgrounds are soft and out of focus letting the detail shine.

©2015 Barry Smith - Tiny spider hides out in the colour

©2015 Barry Smith - Tiny seaside daisy with soft background 
©2015 Barry Smith - Sun catches bursting new blossom
©2015 Barry Smith - Sun catches unfurling blossom
The morning view across the valley was soft - filled with smoke.

And the day ended with a flaring sunset and reflection on cloud and smoke.


  1. so very lovely
    full of life
    at 6AM our sky was dark
    overflowing with the gems of starlight

    1. Hi T - thanks for your comments - not too long ago I could have said as much about the dark and the stars - seasons are just there to keep us on our toes. Enjoy. B

  2. Always beautiful, Barry, I love your walks.


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