Sunday, September 20, 2015

Home with a suitcase of treasures

©2015 Barry Smith - Detail of small (about 40cm wide and 1cm high) shallow flat crystal bowl
Fiona and I have been away - as you know from my Friday post we were in Townsville to attend a number of school reunion events for me. We survived; and the peace leaves were gifted to folk who attended my old boarding school - well received - may they bring a little peace.

Whilst in Townsville we managed to squeeze in a couple of art events including a sculptural walk that I think Fiona will blog on today. I will add my perspective at a later date.

We also scoured a few collectable places and hit the jackpot with one that had masses of stuff and had officially closed down; but opens for a few hours on Saturdays as the owners sell stock at reduced prices - so we were in town on the right day. I of course was hunting metal - I scored a suitcase full as you can see from the photos below - I fitted about 25 small trays into Fiona's small carry on suitcase - great packing. All the clothes etc went into my tightly packed suitcase. Didn't do carry on as it would have set the security off.

The trays are all in dirty condition and I asked what the run pout price for the stash was - $60 for 20 small trays - even though some were marked $25 and $30. From the photos of some of the details below you get the idea of the build up of dust etc - but given they will be cut up and annealed and polished they will come up well. One has to look below the grime.

©2015 Barry Smith - Believe it or not this is a beautiful art deco silver-plated EPNS trivet (about 12-13cm in diameter) - Fiona has put a claim on it - it will be recycled into our home.

©2015 Barry Smith - Detail of a small art deco tray - not sure just yet about cutting or keeping

And I managed to pick up a few other so mall bits I will use including: small crystal bowls that will support shallow beaten metal bowls; a beautiful deep blue glass cylinder; and s set of aluminium napkin rings that will also be come bowl supports.

©2015 Barry Smith - Not sure what this cylinder and its holder were in a former life - I love the colour of the glass cylinder

There was so much stuff at such great prices I could have bought but had to be sensible - still a good additional outcome from the reunion.


  1. Great hunting, Barry, an excellent stash. The Art Deco tray is beautiful!

  2. some treasures there to play with Barry.


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