Sunday, September 6, 2015

In progress

©2015 Barry Smith - Back of bowl reflecting light and colours
As indicated on Friday's post - most of the art time over the weekend has been given over to drilling and riveting covers for sculptural-artist award books Fiona and I are working on. I did get to progress Leafspoons, Ladle bowls and some Cuff-bracelets - though I did not get to finish grinding and polishing them.

Leafspoons, Cuff-bracelets and Ladle bowls on the work bench.

©2015 Barry Smith - Leafspoons and Cuff-bracelets ready for grinding and polishing
©2015 Barry Smith - Bowl sections for Ladles ready for the polisher
All the bits were transferred over to the grinding and polishing bench. I managed to grind the rough edges off the cuff bracelets in preparation for bending.

©2015 Barry Smith - Grinding and polishing in progress
I got time to grind and polish a couple of the Ladle bowls.

©2015 Barry Smith - The beauty of hammered metal - radiating from the centre
©2015 Barry Smith - Faceted looking hammer marks
These bits will be left to be finished during the week. Fiona and I are off to a farewell for another local artist who is leaving town.


  1. All that sheen and gloss is very pretty, Barry, makes me think I just want to put some of your bowls on the wall where the light can hit them.

  2. Your metal work always have such a shimmering glow to them...

  3. Hi C & D - thanks for visiting and checking out the works in progress. One of the positives of polishing the pieces is that they can pick up so much light and take on the colours of the surroundings - that cant be bad. Peace. B


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