Friday, September 25, 2015

What is it about leaves?

©2015 Fiona Dempster - Somewhere in that mess is a 7cm leaf form
The last couple of weeks has seen me make over 100 silver-plated leaves - ranging in size from 7cm for Daily Leaf Word sets to 12.5cm for a commission of 20 leaves with stamped words of inspiration. I never get bored with making leaves as they always bring joy and sometimes a sense of calm when folk receive them.

The person who commissioned 20 silver-plated leaves wanted to give them as gifts to a significant group of people he had been on a  life-career changing course with 25 years or so ago. We discussed the reason I make leaves with words - I said to me leaves are a symbol of many things including: life, growth, change and renewal; and the words are just an added dimension. He thought that was perfect for the individuals in his group. In addition to my normal inspirational words we added other words such as: respect, reflect, balance, simplicity, authentic.  I had delivered 5 leaves as they were needed in a hurry - the balance (with a couple of spares) is below.

©2015 Barry Smith - On the annealing pit.
©2015 Barry Smith - Ready for boxing and delivery
©2015 Barry Smith - Wonder
I'm making five sets of Daily Leaf Words as I'm totally out of stock again - and I want to take some to the expo in a couple of weeks.

©2015 Barry Smith - Thirty-five 7cm silver-plated leaves ready for polishing
©2015 Barry Smith - Reflecting late afternoon light
 The Daily Leaf Words bowls (about 11cm in diameter) were made from a few of the trays that came back from our Townsville trip.

A good end to the week and a Friday. I'm off to make pizza and drink some red with Fiona.


  1. Love your leaves.
    Pizza and red wine sound great.
    Happy Friday.

  2. Your work is so beautiful and the jewellry so delicate.... a joy to look at

  3. Hi R & I - thanks for checking out the leaf production; and also thanks for your genius comments. R - the pizza and red went down well. I - the silver has its own magic. Go well. B

  4. I really love your leaves, Barry! I'm sure all the recipients will be thrille!


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