Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A mixture of matters - storms, moon and flowers.

©2015 Barry Smith - Unusual clouds and light after the storm
The weather in our neck of the world has been a little crazy. Whilst there has been some good opportunities to view the moon; there have also been times when the safest and driest place was indoors.

A few photos of the storms we have been having including falling hail (small bits) which is a little unusual in our part of the world.

Some interesting light and cloud shows in the valley.

©2015 Barry Smith - Boiling clouds
©2015 Fiona Dempster - Storm moving towards us 
My moon watching started with a see-through moon in a blue sky whilst we ate lunch. Obviously it progressed to early evening, then early morning and then the moon after sunrise in a blue grey sky. I'm still fascinated by the rotation of the moon from moonrise to moonset.

©2015 Barry Smith - Two thirds of a super moon - afternoon against a blue sky
©2015 Barry Smith - Same two thirds later in the evening
©2015 Barry Smith - Full super-moon a couple of days later
©2015 Barry Smith - Full moon with drifting cloud 
©2015 Barry Smith - Early morning full moon

©2015 Barry Smith - Bottom edge of early morning moon
©2015 Barry Smith - Moon after sunrise - losing its bottom edge.
©2015 Barry Smith - Against a blue grey morning sky
We have been very lucky with the flowers this year - gorgeous Waratahs; and the second of our newly planted roses - a very deep red and just amazing aroma.

Not a lot of dull moments on the mountain.


  1. I see the storms head up your way from here. Hope the hail remains small.

  2. Whew, wonderful photos, we are going to need rain but not hail. Getting hot and dry down here, a bit too early.

  3. B, your moon shots are stunning! I never get tired of looking at them, so keep them coming please. Your Waratah and Rose are beautiful, I can almost smell the Rose from here. And hail! You know how I feel about hail - so very relieved yours was mild.


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