Sunday, September 13, 2015

Off to market - ladles, leaf spoons and wedding cake knife

Over the weekend we did more riveting on the award books - but I did get time to finish off the bits that are heading off to Maleny Additions. Seems like I will continue to makes Leafspoons and Ladles for some time to come - still a demand out there.

©2015 Barry Smith -  Negative space between the edges of three hammered ladle bowls
Few photos of the finished bits are below.

©2015 Barry Smith - Leaf form sections of 7 Leafspoons - good detail on the recycled silver-plated EPNS
©2015 Barry Smith - Leafspoons tagged and ready for market - great swing tags by Fiona
©2015 Barry Smith - Seven shiny ladles with copper riveted brass rod handles - simple beauty of hammered recycled metal 
©2015 Barry Smith - Inside the bowl of one of the ladles that have the starburst hammer marks 
I finished one of the wedding cake knives - I think it has turned out well. The blade is about 23.5cm long. Eight rivets attach the handle to the blade. The ornate blade has a slight fold to give it rigidity; and it is quite sharp even though it is copper.

©2015 Barry Smith -
The Leafspoons, Ladles and knife will be on the market in Maleny Additions tomorrow. A successful weekend.

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