Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Birds, bees and beans...

I had quite a few photos from my walk on Monday and today - too many to share. I could have done a post on frog and flowers but because of the antics of a flock of Galahs on the wires in Treehaven Way I decided on birds, bees and beens (coffee) instead. Frog and flowers another day.

I think spring was in the air as there appeared to be a little bit of courtship going on with one of the pairs of Galahs. The rising sun just added to the colour though the iPhone is not so good for telephoto shots of birds.

The nectar in the grevilleas had the rainbow lorikeets in a feeding frenzy.

The magpies in the lower part of Treehaven Way just quietly claim their territory.

The bees are definitely becoming more active.

And the first pick of coffee beans will happen tomorrow.

Spring has really taken over. And it is so much lighter even before 6am.


  1. You always have such interesting walks. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy!

  2. I think I am on the dreaded day light saving time, before it has started, awake and up an hour early this morning. Love the colours of the coffee berries.

  3. Wonderful bird photos, B, and the glimpse of pink on the galah's wing is magic. I'm enjoying the early morning light, and the balmy days.

  4. Such lovely photos Barry, I enjoyed the morning walk with you :)

    Gaby xo

  5. Hi J, P, C & GB - the walks are always very relaxing - no stress - immersing in the early boring light and sounds. Thanks for checking the post out hand sharing a comment. J - though it is always the same walk it does change so much. P - know what you mean about the changing times of m owning light - we so wanted to be out of the winter light - but now will we cope with the early light - must go to be earlier I think. C - that sunlight on the Galah's wings was what captured my eye. GB - glad we can walk together even though separated by half a globe. All - enjoy the light. B


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