Friday, September 11, 2015

The birds of peace are flying

I managed to spend the afternoon in the garage-studio after a morning of doing work-work.

Being a very wet drizzly day there was no outdoor grinding or polishing to be done - so I finished forming 3 cuff bracelets and started making 3 wedding cake knives (a commission for one).

Not a lot to show today on those - so I thought I'd share a few photos of the finished birds of peace; and the installation of them late yesterday afternoon with Fiona's peace weathergrams in the tree at the front of our block.

©2015 Barry Smith - Birds of peace and peace weather grams at sunset
The finished birds of peace - cut from naturally patinated scrap copper and stamped.

©2015 Barry Smith - 21 birds of peace
©2015 Barry Smith -  A flight of birds of peace
©2015 Barry Smith - A little bird of peace
Cords in ready for hanging.

©2015 Barry Smith - Ready to to send peace on the breeze
A few photos of the birds of peace and peace weather grams in the tree.

©2015 Barry Smith - A single bird of peace - it always starts with one
©2015 Barry Smith -  Only too true
©2015 Barry Smith - Peace is possible  - but many don't think so!!!!
©2015 Barry Smith - No doubt many children would dearly cherish peace
©2015 Barry Smith - Peace at sunset
It means the birds of peace and peace weather grams can fly and be there ready for International Peace Day on 21 September.


  1. An inspiring project and lovely results.

  2. Your birds look so beautiful hanging in the tree with Fiona's Peace words.

  3. Hi P, BM, AA & C - thanks for sharing the birds of peace with me - they look great in the tree and are already causing a few folk to pause and check out what they are about - and good that they are supported by Fiona's weather grams. Seems a small, thing to do for peace - but I guess every little bit counts. All - go well and peace be yours. B

  4. these are so very beautiful - and always so deeply meaningful. the unity of purpose, the balance of their materials - strong metal and fragile paper. both will weather and wear. both holding the hearts and minds of their creators - powerful energy heading out into the world. just knowing it is there is reassuring.

    1. Hi Mj - thanks for your thoughts and words. Metal and paper - like peace strong and yet fragile - so true. A little more peace energy for the world. Peace to you. B


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