Sunday, September 26, 2021

Small is beautiful - tiny book earrings and nano-posters


I got time today to progress my tiny book earrings; and yesterday a nano poster and a post card were completed.

As you can see from the photo above these book earrings are made from recycled silver-plated metal. Each earring is 2cm long, 1.5cm wide and .7cm high; and each has an inspirational word on the inside page. Words include: joy, hope, peace and love. Joy and love can be seen in the opening photo - on the anvil.

You can see from the process photos below I have cut enough metal for 13 pairs of earrings.

I finished 3 pair today - only 10 to go.

The nano poster is a reminder to myself, and others if they wish, that we can make a difference by doing small local things.

The post card is for folk in these times.

And the photo below is just to share a bit of colour.

Friday, September 24, 2021

Fusing, finishing and friendship


The day had a few facets: trialing a deliberate metal fusing; finishing 40 plus giveaway inspiration leaves; and cutting metal to send to a friend.

The photo above and below shows an organic form created in the crucible when the silver melted off but the copper had not fully melted but rather fused together. I rather like the form and the lustre of the fused metal. Today I set out to replicate the happy accident - the outcome will be shown later if it works - the graphite crucible was too hot to handle this afternoon.

Whist the metal fusing was going on I was determined to finish off my giveaway leaves that had been on the workbench for a while. Process photos and the finished product follow. You will note the split leaves. The metal under the silver was too brittle. I was fortunate only to lose three leaves.

The leaves have been given a brushed polish look courtesy of a stainless steel wire brush.

I promised a friend that I would cut up some of the smaller silver-plated trays I have in my stash; and the rectangles of metal will be sent to her.

Some art days just have many facets.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Moon, butterfly in flight and other fragments


Of course I would have to post a couple of photos of this current moon. I woke at 4am to the moonlight creeping into the bedroom so decided on a photo. Then I took a few more over the next couple of hours as it began to set.

I was down in the garden watering yesterday and had this butterfly companion - I managed to take this photo of it in flight.

The walk this morning offered some fragments and layers.

There were a few new orchids on show in G's orchid house - all the same variety but different colours.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Peace - may there be many moments of peace


It is International Day of Peace today (21/9/21) - may we all share and receive many small moments of peace - not just today but every day.

Installing peace weathergrams and peace 'doves' in what will become our peace tree - magnolia out the front of our new home

Some weathergrams and doves in place.

Another photo of peace buttons.

A lovely experience this morning - we took peace buttons to our local coffee shop - they were accepted by staff, some folk we knew and some total strangers - a few more peace ripples.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Taking tiny steps

 The combination of covid grinding on and our politicians appearing to ignore the will of the people tends to drag one down. I thought I needed to do a couple of nano posters (aka portrait post card size): one that would encourage me to hold on to hope; and another to remind me that even taking small positive steps can contribute to positive change.

As you can see from my work desk (below) in DEP I had talked to Fiona about words and done quite a bit of searching online to see how others might express these sentiments. In the end I settled on the two statements printed in this post. There are other to print of course.

I was also determined to use up offcuts and paper rejects to print on - hence some crazy colour combinations in the prints.

I chose bright deep blue-purple being mixed in the opening photo as I find it is both uplifting and references the ongoing struggle for equality; and orange because it is hopeful and healing.

There were some unusual combinations - I do like the one on some handmade paper.

This was satisfying printing. These prints will find their way out into the world.