Sunday, May 29, 2011

COMA exhibition

On Friday night the COMA exhibition 'between the lines' was opened.  Some 30 plus artists accepted the challenge to do small art pieces (150mm square for 2D pieces or 150mm cube for 3D pieces). Each work were in some way based on a book the artists had read.

The exhibition is displayed on glass shelves in a prominent corner of Rosetta bookshop thanks to the owner Anne. The exhibition was opened by Ken Munsie - COMA coordinator and general herder of artistic cats. Interesting idea of bringing art and book together. And a compact exhibition - just shows that you don't always need the big gallery to create and exhibit.

Ken's piece - wood and hand made paper
Fiona's piece has a red dot
There were a few red dots on opening night. And the opening crowd enjoyed a wine or two to celebrate the event and gathering.

I was asked about my iPhoneography so I obliged with a quick demo.


  1. It's a lovely show and was great to catch up with everyone. Three cheers for Ken whose efforts brought it about.

  2. Looks like a wonderful exhibit....congrats to Fiona on the red dot! You guys are having too much fun!!!

  3. looks like the exhibit space and mindsets worked well. i love a book arts exhibit in a book store. and tell fiona, congrats. excellent!!!

  4. I'll second Patti's congratulations on Fiona's red dot, and the fun you're both having too! What a great idea for an exhibit, and apparently by what I can see, well-done.

  5. I would love to see this exhibit. a lovely idea, small arts. Yea Fiona sold hers.

  6. Hello.
    Sharing a moment of peace.
    It is a joy for all.

    Thank you for the warmth of your heart.
    Have a good weekend...

    From Saga, Japan.

  7. This is one of the times I wish Australia was much closer...
    All the best to both of you on creating, exhibiting, sharing art!!!


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