Sunday, May 8, 2011


Some views of nature are just so big - great when you are there just absorbing them - in the moment - but capturing and sharing them can be disappointing when you have a simple lens or an Iphone camera. But I have now got a new app for the phone called AutoStitch which as the name implies can take multiple photos you have taken as you pan a panorama and stitch them into one panoramic shot.

I have shared one such panorama before but though I would share the two from Dugong Beach in Alyangula and two from Little Lagoon at Umbakumba.

Barry Smith © Dugong Beach at dusk - stitched
Barry Smith © Dugong Beach at night - sticthed
Barry Smith © Little Lagoon West - at dawn - stitched
Barry Smith © Little Lagoon- Umbakumba - East - dawn - stitched

The small screen does not quite do them justice but I hope you enjoy sharing the vistas.
Barry Smith © Dragonflies at sunset - looking east - Little Lagoon - Umbakumba
And just before we left Umbakumba there was this swarm of Dragonflies at dusk - hope you can see them - there were masses of them.


  1. Incredible! The skies, iPhone's capability and the photographer's sensibility in full action... Magical!!!

  2. gorgeous photos Barry!
    i have never seen a swarm of dragonflies, never ever, wow.

  3. Wow! Love that second image Barry, tho' they are all fascinating.

  4. Wowee! ( I can't remember the last time I said that word.... but it just popped right out!)

  5. AM, TL, JM and V - glad you enjoyed the stitched imagery. I was lucky to pick up some great natural moments including the swarm of Dragonflies which I also had not experienced until that point in time. And V if it made you go wowee I am honoured. We have arrived back on the mountain so I might mix a bit more hands on work in with the iPhoneography. Go well. B

  6. Barry, these are very good! Part of me resists the notion of stitching together images, but part of me is intrigued by how much closer the results are to what the eye (and soul?) can grasp of these sorts of sprawling views. Well done!

  7. i would like these to be BIG and W-I-D-E!!

    and hurrah for the dragonflies!

  8. B - firstly welcome home! The panoramic view certainly captures much more in a shot - breath taking views.

  9. does it mean you have to be VERY accurate when you take the panoramic shot, otherwise in the stitched image there would be overlaps. or does the program sort that out for you too? it is indeed beautiful ... the photos!! incredible what a phone can do these days ... it use to be, well, just a phone!! now it's a computer!!


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