Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunset over Dugong Beach

Fiona and I are in Alyangula for a few days so that we have mobile and email access to do some work-work and catch up with friends and blogs etc. We are staying at the only available non-mine or non-community accommodation - Dugong Resort which gives us great access to a number of small beaches with rocky outcrops - very old stone formations - lot of old lava formations with lots of coral and shells embed in the lava stone.

We usually walk the beaches at dusk to take in the cool and also the fading light and sunsets - the sun is directly facing the beach as the beach faces west.

Though I would just share a few photos taken with the iPhone.

Barry Smith© Sunset with rocks - Dugong Beach
Barry Smith© Sunset - unusual light - Dugong Beach
Barry Smith © Dragonflies at dusk
Barry Smith© On fire - Dugong Beach
Barry Smith © Pathways on the water - Dugong Beach
However the following photo is created from 7 photos that have been stitched together using a new app I bought.

Barry Smith© Sunset panorama - Dugong Beach


  1. wow!! what a beautiful place to stay! the sunset is just gorgeous! i would be so inspired here. i must say the iphone cam is really quite good and the apps are nifty too :) i like the "stitched" picture very much! hmmm ... something to think about when i next download :)

  2. Oh My! I'm sure you could use someone to carry luggage, fetch cool drinks, erase footprints in the sand as you walk.... Can you wait for me to get there!!? GORGEOUS.

  3. SZQ, LT - yes this is one of those very fortunate spin offs from our work-work. Going to some remote localities provides some really unspoilt surprises - if only we could take more people along with us. Go well and hope you continue to enjoy the journey with us. B

  4. oh my, gorgeous photos! Have fun taking water photos, that iPhone is amazing!! Wishing you a wonderful time away.

  5. stunning photos Barry..what a great moment in time...

  6. Serene and beautiful. Your evening walks must refresh you both physically and spiritually.

  7. i like these photos, and really like the panoramic put-together one.


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