Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rusted wrecks in Little Lagoon

Indigenous people have lived in the area know as Umbakumba for a very very long time. QANTAS set up an airbase in 1938 so it could make international flights from Australia. The RAAF used the base during WW2. Missionaries set up their operation in 1958. I don't know who has left the machinery behind but there are some beautiful rusted bits of machinery in Little Lagoon.

So as a farewell to Umbakumba, for now, I wanted to share how nature is gradually dealing with the machinery.
Barry Smith © Wreck at dawn - Little Lagoon
Barry Smith © Motor at sunset - Little Lagoon
Barry Smith © A sinking feeling?
Barry Smith © Wheel hub and oysters
This 'dozer" was there 20 years ago when I visited - hasn't moved but has gained more great character and texture.

Barry Smith © 'Dozer" 20 years and going nowhere.

Barry Smith © "Dozer' - Little Lagoon

Barry Smith © Engine block and oysters.

Barry Smith © Radiator - copper and salt

Barry Smith © What beautiful texture

Barry Smith © 'Dozer' tracks with oysters
Today I spent a couple of hours cleaning the garage -studio in preparation for doing a bit more hands on creativity. OK I just couldn't leave the images alone - so here are a few that have been altered.

Barry Smith © Ghost 'dozer' in Little Lagoon
Barry Smith © Jewelled hub - Little Lagoon
Barry Smith © Jewel stack - Little Lagoon


  1. Glorious images....that dozer is just a doozy! Would love to visit that lagoon some day.....

  2. Nature has it's way of dealing with things. Just forget to do the gardening for a couple of months! It will be miraculously transformed into a jungle! Lovely photos Barry.

  3. OMGoodness!! these are REAL treasures!! the close ups can even be used as background textures for collages and digital art! i wish i could be there to get these beauties as photographs in my camera!!

  4. fabulous 'stuff' - glad you found some inspiration up there xoxoxo


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